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By Julia Ryder • October 14, 2016

4 Things You Should Know About Getting Paid Through Jobble

We get it - there’s a chance that you’ve never heard of Jobble before, so let’s introduce you. Jobble is a platform that connects people like you who are in search of flexible work, with businesses offering flexible hire. Because you’re paid directly through our application, standard banking and personal information is required. But we want to ensure you that keeping your personal information secure is our top concern.

Before you get started, here are four things you should keep in mind:

1. Benefits of Using Our App

If you’re the type of person who enjoys flexibility, especially in the workplace, Jobble might just be your employment solution. Unleash the freedom to create a schedule that fits around your availability. Work when you can and don’t stress when you can’t. Pick and choose jobs that are flexible.

Not only are you able to control your schedule, but our platform may connect you with noted professionals in an industry that you might not normally venture into. Our app can be whatever you make it. If you want to pick jobs within your fields of interest or expand your resume by working different events, the options are yours to decide.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed either. After completion of each and every Jobble, you’re rated and reviewed by your hiring manager. The more reviews and star ratings that you have, the more jobs you’ll land.

2. How Payment Works

Payments are processed in the Jobble app and directly deposited into your bank account within seven business days.

  • Use these two steps to ensure you get paid:
    • Enter your SSN. In order to apply, work and get paid we will need to collect your Social Security Number to verify your tax eligibility and validate your work authorization.
    • Enter your bank account information. You need to enter your bank details (routing and bank account numbers) in order to receive payments. For security purposes we use Stripe processing, which is the top mobile payment processing platform. This is the most stringent level of security certification available.
check-routing-account-number Credit: https://wallethub.com/edu/routing-number/14293/


3. We’re Real People

But we want you to know that we aren’t a bunch of robots at desks. Actually we’re the complete opposite, we’re quite the crew, consisting of musicians, recent college graduates, EMTs, Patriots fans and rec softball players. Together in a shared office space at a WeWork in Boston’s Leather District, we sit next to each other every day, finding ways to innovate Jobble.

In fact, if you were to peek into our office in the early hours you’ll see that our team is borderline obsessed with bagels. You’ll quickly learn that Closer, by the Chainsmokers, is kind of our thing, and that we love a good cup of tea. But more importantly you’ll notice that our team is absolutely dedicated to making the job hiring process easier.

4. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Still a little skeptical? Don't just take our word for it. See what other publications have to say about it!

Now that you have a better sense of who we are and our security standards behind our platform, we encourage you to begin your Jobbler journey!

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